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Pyrofire Displays strives to be a unique fireworks company. We combine all the aspects of an exciting fireworks display and add our unique touch to create the ultimate fireworks display.


Your original and custom display will be designed by some of the USA's most talented designers, with a creative edge and passion that only our designers possess.


PyroFire Displays, Inc. offers an array of services in pyrotechnics, aerial fireworks displays, lasers, lighting, and cutting edge theatrical production effects. There is no special effect on the market that is beyond our expertise. We are also proud to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.


PyroFire Displays has had two policies that have become our reputation since the owner's inception into the special effects market. "Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace" has been a long standing motto. No matter how large or small, the venue or the show; PyroFire will make it a spectacular experience without compromising safety. A mixture of Display Fireworks with Close Proximity Pyro allows our technicians to set the standard in the industry for safety and design. Also, "Nothing is business; everything is personal" is a policy that assures the client of personal attention to every budget, site, audience, effect and design.


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