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Our team of world-class technicians look forward to making your next fireworks display spectacular.





PyroFire Displays uses only the most reliable, versatile and safest equipment available on the market. Every show is electrically fired for the ultimate in safety, either by computer or by manual (push button) ignition.



All computer fired displays use either the Firelinx wireless firing system of the Pyrodigital firing system. These systems are used only by a handful of companies in Canada, and are regarded as the most reliable firings systems in the industry. Each cue can be addressed to ignite an effect to an incredible 1/10 of a second. This makes a high quality synchronized display.


Either of these firing systems are used to fire all our Pyromusical displays.


In addition, we use manual (push button) electrical firing systems manufactured by Pyro-Mate and PyroMaster LLC. These systems are highly reliable and versatile in any condition.